South African Investment Coins

Instead of normal coin collecting, have you ever considered investing in coins? You can invest in limited mintage coins and ensure that the value of your coin increase as years go by. Limited mintage figures often indicate a demand among collectors and investors.
NGC: 13216
PCGS: 1134
SANGS: 2363
Valuable South African Coins


Coin Reference Year Denomination Description Coin Type Mintage View
CDB-218741 PondFine BeardCirculation Coin695View Information
CDB-318741 PondCoarse BeardCirculation Coin142View Information
CDB-5418991 PondDouble 9Circulation Coin130View Information
CDB-5619021 PondVeldpondCirculation Coin986View Information
CDB-7619331/4 PennyCirculation Coin70View Information
CDB-418921 PennyProof Coin25View Information
CDB-818923 PenceProof Coin50View Information
CDB-1418926 PenceProof Coin50View Information
CDB-2018921 ShillingProof Coin50View Information
CDB-2618922 ShillingProof Coin50View Information
CDB-37319485 ShillingProoflike Coin1000View Information
CDB-37419495 ShillingProoflike Coin2000View Information
CDB-37519505 ShillingProoflike Coin1200View Information
CDB-37619515 ShillingProoflike Coin1483View Information
CDB-38219575 ShillingProoflike Coin1600View Information

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